Our Projects

Residential developments in Christchurch

NewUrban Group is undertaking residential development in Christchurch’s central suburbs – creating high end homes with a luxury finishes. NewUrban aims to take cutting edge architecture and integrate it into the New Zealand environment, creating lasting, dynamic, housing for Christchurch residents to enjoy.

Cranmer Gardens Apartments

Lintrathen Gardens Project Riverside Residences

Lintrathen Gardens Project Townhouses

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Inner-city residential area design

NewUrban Group is committed to playing its part in the rebuild of Christchurch, drawing on considerable experience bidding across a number of CERA projects.

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Our Story

NewUrban Group brings to the table the established commercial and development skills of two respected Christchurch based businessmen, John Fairhall and Bert Govan. With successful projects around the South Island and a nationwide business network that includes investment in Auckland and Australia, along with business links into China, the partnership with a major Chinese construction group Huadu International was a logical next step.

Huadu International Construction Group, have vast experience in the Chinese domestic construction market as well as internationally; developing residential, commercial and industrial projects across all scales. Their expertise and knowledge provide NewUrban Group the ability to deliver international standard projects with a high degree of technicality and skill.

NUG Team
Project of Huadu International Construction Group

Our Team

Sir Bob Parker

Former Christchurch Mayor Sir Bob Parker’s love of China and business combine to see him become the Chairman of the NewUrban Group Board. His experience and knowledge of local government provides the team with sound leadership and a strong vision.

Mr Wang Jianping

Mr Wang Jianping, NewUrban brings to the Christchurch construction market international experience, delivered through local partners.
Ensuring a diversity of offerings, the group works with a number of architectural companies to work on bespoke project designs. Each has been carefully chosen for the skill and experience they can bring to a project.

John Fairhall

John is a businessman and entrepreneur, with a considerate knowledge of local business and property development. He has developed a large number of commercial properties in Christchurch and has business interests throughout New Zealand.

Bert Govan

For three decades Bert Govan has been at the heart of some of New Zealand’s most aspirational property investments. He has owned and developed a range of projects, including shopping centres, historic building restorations and residential subdivisions.

Eugene Feng

After working with a leading NZ economic development agent for ten years, Eugene is now General Manager of NewUrban Group. He oversees all staff and provides leadership and strategic direction, as well as acting as liaison between its Chinese and New Zealand directors.

Nancy Chu

Holding a Masters in Applied Linguistics and fluent in both English and Mandarin, Nancy is central to all business at NewUrban, providing accurate translations and office management, while ensuring the smooth day to day running of our business.


Connecting China and New Zealand, NewUrban Trading is well placed to both import and export through our business networks, putting the strength of Chinese manufacturing within reach of New Zealand businesses. An example of this is, NewUrban Trading has recently begun importing multi-level car parking systems.

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